Silversage Farley Davidson
Retired-Father to Fritz!
Blast from the Past!
Silversage Frodo Baggins (28-lbs)
Silversage Silver Bullet (25 lbs)
DPM Twinkie's Blue Harley - "Harley"
White & Blue Fawn Pied  (28 lbs)
Silversage Wylie Fella By DPM - "Wylie"
Cream (Blue Carrier)  (28 lbs)
CH. Silversage Frannie May West - "Frannie"
Black Brindle  (14 lbs)
Silversage Elsa - "Elsa"
Blue Fawn  (22 lbs)
Silversage Snicklefritz - "Fritz"
White & Brindle Pied (24 lbs)
Calais Storm'In Norman - "Norman"
Chocolate Brindle  (28 lbs)