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Hi. I wanted to send you a picture of Fiona (you called
her Ester). I can't express in words how crazy, sweet
and fun she is. I will recommend you to anyone looking
for a healthy happy Frenchie.

Thank You
Gary Randall

Lola is doing great! She loves Taos! She is definitely the
crowd pleaser when I take her to the market, restaurants, etc....
Thank you so much...
We just wanted to send you a few pictures to let you
know that Frodo (Fozzie) is doing great in Massachusetts!
Skye and Pat MacCarthy
Hi guys,

I thought I'd send y'all and updated photo of our bullies Vorlauf and Merlin.

Cheers, Tom Oesterreicher
Hi Michelle,

Just wanted to share that Oggie is
doing great. He is a frequent visitor at
Rob's office. He spends the whole day
with him.

We are loving having him!

Katie Plutt

I have attached some photos of our little cutie Levi.  I wanted
to let you know that purchasing from you all the way from
Albuquerque, New Mexico was an easygoing experience
and we couldn’t be any happier with our Frenchie Levi aka
Bolt.  You answered all of our questions and you are very
knowledgeable about the breed, which made us so much
more comfortable about the entire process.  Levi is growing
and certainly living up to the bully name when it comes to
his older brother Cooper, who is a Miniature Dachshund.  I
am so glad that we found you!

Thank you,
Amanda & Victor Vallejos
"Phineas" enjoying the Virgin Island Life
with owner John Jaffurs!